Driving a Profitable Brand through Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement pic
Social Media Engagement
Image: sproutsocial.com

Social Media Management is an important aspect of any modern organization. Greg Gullberg has managed Social Media for film studios, news stations, and even CNN. Gullberg believes that communicating with the public is vitally important for organizations, but the ways to do it are rapidly changing.

Social media has presented brands with one of the most interactive channels of communication with their clients. But what really is social media engagement?

Social media engagement is the use of platforms like Twitter and Facebook to create a better customer experience. It’s about building a long-term relationship with your clients so that they know you are with them in the good and bad. If a customer has a bad product experience and reaches out to you through social media, they are putting their trust in you that you will respond and engage them. Do exactly that.

But don’t wait for customer complaints to spark your online presence. Be social and start a conversation yourself. Comment on a trending news topic and ask your followers to give their opinion. Schedule an “ask me anything” session with your fans or share an inspiring quote.

Once the conversation gets going, actively engage your audience. Even better, mention your brand promoters, repost their tweets, or share their experiences as that’s a great way to give them a shout-out and build brand loyalty.

One of the best things about social media is that you can actually track interaction. Whether it’s your followers on Instagram or the likes on your Facebook page or the shares your offers get, track and engage. Consider giving free gifts to the most active users as the more visible your brand is, the more potential customers you reach.